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Creator, Curiosity Labs

Co-Creator, Press Play

In one word: curiosity.

Andrew is a connector, cross-pollinator and catalyst of new initiatives.

Over the past 10 years, Andrew has studied and developed approaches to empathy, deep listening, and human connection in order to unlock growth opportunities for leading edge organizations.

Andrew pioneered the shift to an open innovation culture at Tata Global Beverages from 2008-11, developed an incubator methodology drawing on recent science into neuroplasticity, Google X rapid prototyping and MIT’s Theory U, and has had numerous immersions into Stanford's and MIT's Presencing Insititute to explore cutting edge approaches to innovation, particularly in the context of social and systems change. 

In 2012, shortly after moving to San Francisco, he built a company around his passion. Curiosity Labs has since served leading technology companies from Netflix to Square to SoundHound, helping them deeply understand contexts and customers to inspire ground-breaking solutions.

His curiosity has also led him to a year studying organized crime in Russia, to a six month journey living in the jungle in Borneo to understand social and ecological systems. Over the past 10 years, he has conducted over 50 empathy journeys including immersions in the Mare favela in Rio to understand social entrepreneurship with Journeys for Change to understanding how people live in slums outside Delhi for Tata. He has facilitated over 30 visioning and prototyping workshops with politicians, entrepreneurs and corporate teams, including Visa, Soundhound, UC Boulder, Advanced Space and Galvanize.