The Visa Global Marketing team were tasked with planning and executing a campaign for the FIFA World's World Cup 2015 in Canada. Key campaign objectives were to maximize football fan awareness of Visa's sponsorship of the event and increase usage of Visa as a payment method among a key customer segment. 

The Visa team needed to generate campaign and event ideas that would appeal to fans tuning into the event from around the world, as well as fans attending the games. 



First, we worked with the team, including product and marketing folks, to define the key marketing objectives, making sure these were tightly aligned to the overall goals of the business.

We then evaluated and summarized insights into the key customer segments, along with key consumer & technology trends that would serve as inspiration for ideation. 

Finally, we designed and facilitated a one-day workshop with a diverse group of key stakeholders with the aim of exposing team members to different ideation techniques and generating marketing and product ideas to support the campaign's key awareness and usage metrics. 



  • Team members were introduced to new ideation techniques through practice and gained an understanding of the need for ideas to address an actual customer insight
  • 150+ ideas were generated across the 4 small teams, leading to 5 "winning" event ideas after priortization (based on business metrics, customer appeal and technical feasibility)