Tata Global Beverages, a new player in the healthy drinks sector, was looking launch a new healthy drinks brand with a $500m revenue target in 5 years.

With little understanding of active, health-conscious folks, the company wanted to invest in a research phase to identify unmet needs/wants among their ideal customer. 

This would save the company months' in development costs further down the line, because it would help focus them on building the right product - in other words, a product that met a want or need in the market and that health-conscious people would pay for



Working closely with the Director of Innovation, we designed a multi-layered, exploratory research program to gain an understanding of unmet needs and wants: identifying opportunities for breakthrough innovation beyond the existing healthy drinks category. In order to do this, we chose to focus our efforts initially on an early-adopter, health conscious audience via the following methods: 

  • Analysis of blogs, forums and social media
  • In-depth interviews with 8 customers
  • In-context research: in-home and in-supermarket visits  




We uncovered 5 "big" opportunity areas - ways in which we could help health-conscious customers that existing healthy drinks products were not at the time addressing. One of these opportunities was helping people to reduce stress.