Tata Global Beverages had historically been a manufacturing-led business. With a newly appointed CEO and newly formed Global Marketing function, there was fresh impetus to shift the culture to a consumer and innovation-led company that could compete with the likes of Coca-Cola and PepsiCo in the premium healthy beverages sector. 



First, we worked with the CEO and Head of Global Marketing to conceive a 12-month engagement plan to start the shift to a consumer-centric company. A core component of the plan was for employees to get out of the building and learn about healthy drink consumers first hand. 

We then arranged for a day out for the Tata Global Beverages Executive Board. We visited a local supermarket to better understand the "moment of truth" for shoppers  (the moment when, in the aisle, they decide to buy one healthy drinks product over another). 

This included two parts: (i) observing shopper behavior in the drinks aisles followed by (ii) customers interviews to better understand the why behind specific behaviors.  

The day set in motion other teams to get out of the building and into the field to learn about customers.  Key observations, facts and insights into behaviors were captured across several months. We then facilitated ideation sessions among a diverse set of stakeholders to generate new product and marketing solutions. 



  • By convincing the Board to spend time getting out of the building and into the field, it set a precedent for other teams to observe and speak with customers and help shift the culture where the company was tapping into their customers on a weekly basis 
  • The Board learned basics of observation of shopper behavior and key techniques for successful customer interviews (which they then practiced on actual customers)  
  • 6/6 board members reported that it was time well spent