Electronic Arts had released the hugely popular Sims 3 game and wanted to launch a new expansion pack to support it.

The studio needed to identify a clear, unique and compelling offer for the next expansion pack. 



We worked with the team, including product, marketing and developers, to clearly articulate 3 game ideas via prototypes. These prototypes highlighted the overall game theme, the key benefits to the customer,  the key features and the supporting "reasons to believe" (sources of credibility). 

We designed and ran qualitative research (in-depth interviews) among a subset of 6 of The Sim's core audience to explore and evaluate the appeal of the 3 different prototypes - looking closely for "eyes light up" reactions from customers - to gauge the potential of each idea. 



  • We identified The Sims 3: Into the Future as the strongest idea
  • We optimized the prototype based on feedback of what people (i) loved (ii) disliked and (iii) what people found confusing or unclear 
  • The game was developed and released, and went on to achieve the highest Metacritic score of all eleven of the Sims 3 expansion packs.