A major player in the payments space had developed an in-store mobile payments prototype to compete with Google Wallet. The product team needed to quickly evaluate the user experience with regard to two key tasks: enrolling in the service, and using the mobile app to pay in-store. This included identifying key customer pain points that needed to be fixed by design and engineering prior to launch.  



First, we challenged the team to think about their most important customer segments. Two key audiences were identified as a result, which informed the composition of the sample and recruitment.  

Second, we designed & executed a mobile usability study among n=10 participants (n=5 per customer segment). We decided to run these in an in-store environment, so that we could observe interactions in in context, as close to reality as possible. Observational research was complemented by follow up questions, to better understand the motivations behind certain behaviours. 

After the sessions, we held a round table with key stakeholders (product, design, engineering), to discuss the key themes that had emerged. 



The next day, we delivered a "topline" 4-page Google Doc that summarized key findings along with a traffic light matrix for key customer pain points (red= high priority / must fix, and so on...). We then held a follow up meeting later in the afternoon to agree resulting actions and evaluate the research project for future improvements. 


N.B. insights are not shown due to client sensitivities.