Andrew K Brown

One Word: Curiosity

Andrew was influenced from an early age by Jungian psychology, and immersions in a diverse range of cultures and disciplines.

His curiosity has led him to studying organized crime in Russia, to a six month journey living in the jungle in Borneo to build community. Over the past 10 years, he has conducted over 50 personal and professional empathy journeys, including immersions in the Mare favela in Rio to understand social entrepreneurship with Journeys for Change to understanding how people live in slums outside Delhi.

A global community builder, he has facilitated over 30 visioning and prototyping workshops with politicians, entrepreneurs and corporate teams, including leaders from Google, Tata Group, and the space industry. He has launched several initiatives including Curiosity Labs, The Collaboratory and Press Play.




Global Community & Network Builder


Key Questions I Help Answer:  

  • How might we catalyze new, powershifted ecosystems or networks of people and resources?

  • How might we attract customers, partners, investors or influencers to our initiative?

  • How might we drive engagement within our existing networks or communities?  


  • Tata Group,,


  • Building 1m global community of people advancing new thinking, leading and organizing in partnership with

  • Built 4 online communities in USA, Canada and UK for Tata Group towards open innovation

Specific skills: Lean canvas for communities, infrastructure building and scaling, human connection methodologies, content development, facilitation, analysis, synthesis, interpretation and reporting of data, end-to-end project management.



Experiments in Collective Intelligence

Key Questions:

  • How might we utilize the collective intelligence of a group to better understand an issue?

  • How might we align and energize key stakeholders around a shared issue or purpose? 

Work: Tata Group,, Press Play, Communities for Change (Google, MIT, Impact Hub)


  • 20+ experiments with virtual methodologies (see current projects) with 200+ leaders across 6 countries

  • Currently developing “sourcing” methodology for more effective co-creation (of processes, products, services)

  • Developed co-creation methodology for fast product development, inspired by Dot Collector

Specific skills: lean experiments, methodology design, recruitment, pre/post surveys, discussion guide, facilitation, analysis, synthesis, interpretation and reporting of data. 

collective intelligence.png


Empathy & Learning Journeys

Key Questions: how might we more deeply understand a context, culture, or group of people, to inspire new ways of thinking, new product innovations, or inform systems-change efforts?

Work: Tata Group, Journeys For Change, Houndify (voice-recognition technology), Square Payments, Netflix


  • Led 20+ empathy journeys in the Americas, Europe and Asia

  • Identified 2 opportunities in the healthy drinks sector for the Tata Group valued at $200m by McKinsey

Specific skills: qualitative research methods (ethnography, interviewing), deep listening methodologies, facilitation, training, coaching, end-to-end project management



Program Design and Facilitation

Key Questions:

  • How do we create and deliver high quality programs to our key stakeholders?

  • How do we convene, align and energize diverse groups around a shared vision?

Work: Communities For Change (Google, MIT, Impact Hub),


  • Built unique programming in empathy for design, collaborative design and emergent prototyping

  • Aligned and energized 16 Leaders from Google, Impact Hub & Rally Impact around an “Innovation District” prototype for Boulder

program dev.png


Product & Service Development

Key Questions:

  • How do we build the right product/service and de-risk time and financial investment?

  • How do we increase sales or reduce churn?

Work: Square, Sims 3,, Soundhound, Houndify


  • Helped build Sims 3 “Into the Future” - achieved highest Metacritic score (80/100) and drive $100m+ revenue for Maxis

  • Helped Issuu team drive a 25% increase in conversions in 2018, equating to $5m additional revenue

Specific skills: lean canvas, lean experiments, customer interviews, ideation, prototyping, user testing.